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ADF Milking system in the news and at exhibitions

Milking innovation on show

Southland dairy farmers are invited to an open day in Lumsden tomorrow to learn about an award-winning milking system and see it in operation.

Open day at Lumbsden, Southland NZ where you could see the ADF Milking system in action

ADF Milking, creator of an automatic dipping and flushing system, won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise last week.

The awards programme is for British businesses, of which ADF has offices throughout the world including New Zealand, that excel in innovation.

The system is a patented in-cluster mechanism for use in milking sheds to increase milking efficiency and improve cow health.

ADF New Zealand and Australian general manager Toby Green said it was an innovative product that made milking a healthier process.

It protected cows’ teats immediately after milking and ensured that each cow was milked with clean equipment, reducing the likelihood of mastitis and cross-contamination in the herd, he said.

“It sprays the cows’ teats through an injector in the head of the liner before the cups come off, and then after they come off it flushes the liner with water mixed with sanitiser to get rid of harmful bacteria. Each cow has a clean set of liner,” he said.

This system avoids farmers having to manually flush the liners with buckets of water or sanitiser, or having to keep cows with mastitis separate when milking.

The open day will be held tomorrow from noon until 2pm at 888 Old Balfour Rd, Lumsden, at Wyn Timothy’s family farm.