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Mastitis no longer a nightmare with ADF

IT’S been two years since Stephen and Mary Barr had the first ADF (Automatic Flushing and Dipping System) in New Zealand installed on their farm near Feilding, today they consider it one of the best investments they have ever made.
Milking 800 cows on their 487ha property, the couple had been looking for a solution that would improve teat spraying and help eliminate an ongoing and costly problem with mastitis among their herd.
The ADF system, which is designed to disinfect the teat immediately after milking and sanitise the cluster between cows, had already proven popular with farmers around the world when the Barr’s decided it was for them.
“I have to say it’s done a great job for us, Mastitis used to be a nightmare but now it’s nothing more than a manageable niggle.
“Having the system installed sorted out our chronically infected cows very quickly and we have very few problems with mastitis now, without the ADF system we would still be fighting the same old battle.
“We worked out with lost milk and the cost of drugs and not even counting the cow loss mastitis was costing us about $120,000 a year, we halved that in the first year and I think we’ve probably halved it again in this second year. We were spending between four to five thousand dollars a month on mastitis drugs alone, well now we are looking at one to two thousand in a bad month so it’s a big step forward. Our cell counts now run between 120 to 130 thousand we get paid a premium when it’s fewer than 150 so we are achieving that which is good.
“Mastitis is costly and time consuming and no one likes it or having sick animals which nobody wants. I’d recommend ADF to anyone it’s a great system and it works, ADF does exactly what it says it will.”