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Article from British Dairying - October 2008

Healthier cows deliver healthier profits

The follow was taken from an article in British Dairying regarding the improvements made by Jason Bayley who runs Lady Leys Farm near Tamworth.

…But the latest addition is perhaps the most impressive change of all. Partly to improve udder health but with half a mind on time saving too, the Bayleys decided to install an ADF cluster flushing system. This works in conjunction with the ACRs already fitted. Just before the cluster is removed a valve in the liner releases 10ml of teat dip. As the cluster is then drawn away from the cow, the teat dip is dragged down the teat and into the teat orifice providing excellent dip coverage. Finally, the cluster is then flushed with a 1% peracetic acid solution to reduce cross contamination between cows.

“We used to struggle a bit with our cell counts and teat spraying could be a bit of a hit-and-miss affair when you were under pressure in the parlour. We knew that teat disinfection was critical to mastitis control and were impressed by the dip coverage with the ADF system. And the fact that it has made a far greater impact than could have been imagined. Since we installed the system, cell counts have dropped and we are saving further time in the parlour as well as more than halving our dip costs. The system has paid for itself in six months.” This sounds a big claim, but the Bayleys explain that it has helped them manage the enlarged herd without additional labour, has helped to reduce mastitis by around 50-60cases a year and has halved dip costs.…