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ADF Milking system in the news and at exhibitions
Craig Kelly from ADF describes the ADF process at an Open Day in December

Every dairy farmer should have ADF

Michael and Nicky Loe, along with sharemilkers Garth and Liz Campbell, hosted an Open Day in December at their Bankside dairy farm to showcase their experiences with their ADF milking system.

The Open Day, jointly organised by ADF Milking and local dealers Laser Electrical, attracted over 40 interested dairy farmers from the mid-Canterbury region.

The ADF (automatic dipping and flushing) milking system aims to reduce mastitis and its spread amongst the herd by automatically spraying the cows’ teats while the cups are still on the udder, directly after milking, while the teat canal is still open. After removal every liner is automatically sanitised. Within only 20 seconds from the end of milking, the cluster is ready for the next cow.

Prior to installing ADF, Michael had learned about the revolutionary system from their neighbour who already had it installed. “We were converting our sheep, beef and cropping farm so I did some investigation. To me it was a no-brainer that when building a dairy shed that you’d put ADF in. We went to an open day in the region in 2011 to see it in action and that confirmed for us that we had to put it in.” “And so we were more than happy to host an open day for others to see the benefits.

When I was initially thinking about building our dairy shed I thought that udder health was a just a small thing. Now I know that it isn’t. ADF makes life in the shed so much easier and
it really does look after the health of the cows. The teats are well looked after — the release of the cups from the udder is gentle and the iodine is applied at the right time — immediately after milking when the teat canal is open.

Our mastitis results have been excellent with cell counts hovering in the 80,000 – 110,000 range. And the support from local installers Laser Electrical has been excellent — they are always approachable, good at explaining things and getting onto any issues promptly.

I’m rapt with ADF — I can’t rate it highly enough. Every dairy farmer should have it.”

Visit ADF at South Island Field Days on 20–22 March 2013 or arrange a farm visit by contacting ADF’s South Island Sales Manager, Nigel Wilson, on 0274 233 645.

Image:Craig Kelly from ADF describes the ADF process at an Open Day in December. Supplied by ATS.