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ADF Milking system in the news and at exhibitions


ADF – the automatic dipping and flushing system that is revolutionising the hygiene regime of dairy parlours around the world – has just been awarded an important accolade in New Zealand.

Showing for the first time at the New Zealand National Fieldays, ADF was judged to be the winner in the Equipment of the Year Category. Competition was tough, with exhibitors demonstrating cutting edge [agricultural] equipment on a 40 hectare site. This Mystery Creek event is the biggest and most important agribusiness exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere with 117,000 visitors across a four day period.

Judges praised ADF’s highly innovative design and the significant benefits it brings in terms of milking hygiene and productivity. The Equipment of the Year award reflects an enthusiastic reaction from farmers in New Zealand and Australia who have already installed ADF in their dairy parlours. Chief Judge, Peter Dowd, described ADF as “a truly innovative solution to a long standing problem.  It has application to most milking sheds in the country”.

James Duke, Director of ADF and designer of the system, was in New Zealand to collect the prestigious award. “We know that farmers in the Southern Hemisphere are quickly discovering the benefits of ADF. It’s proof positive that wherever you milk in the world ADF can bring tangible change to a dairy business.  The judges here in New Zealand have seen that. We’re honoured that at an exhibition which promises to be the ultimate launch platform for agricultural technology and innovation has given us one of its most valued awards.”


ADF recently employed Craig Kelly, as Technical Sales Manager for New Zealand. Well known to dairy farmers both in the UK and New Zealand, Craig is one of the most experienced engineers in the dairy business. Until recently working for a major multinational milking company, Craig immediately saw the benefits of ADF and is now busy installing systems all over the country.

The dairy industry is New Zealand’s biggest export earner. The country has a reputation for high quality products, an efficient all grass farming system and large scale processing. It’s no wonder that dairy farmers are welcoming the arrival of ADF. By actively reducing mastitis in a herd it allows for better quality milk and higher prices in return.

ADF is a great British success story. As a small start up with a unique idea it is now exporting its award-winning system to Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

ADF has also won a number of other high profile awards. In 2005 it was given the Prince Phillip Award. In 2010 it received the RABDF Livestock Machinery and Equipment award and in 2011 won the Dairy Innovators Award at the Australian Dairy Conference.