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ADF Milking system in the news and at exhibitions
Jonathan Verkerk in his ADF milking shed

Automatic dipping and flushing works

West Otago dairy farmer Jonathan Verkerk only recently installed the ADF (automatic dipping and flushing) milking system in May 2012 but is already seeing positive results.

Milking 540 Friesian cows on his 200ha property he had been looking for a solution that would help combat mastitis.
“We had an inherent issue with mastitis infection. Young cows were coming into the shed and getting infected straight away. We were struggling to keep it under control,” says Jonathan.
“Prior to installing ADF our cell counts averaged around 350,000 in 2010/11. We installed ADF and they are now averaging below 150,000.
ADF is definitely adding value on our farm, it has given us control over our somatic cell counts and mastitis and it’s keeping more milk in the vat. Looking forward to the next few years we’ll obviously have fewer issues with mastitis and a more productive herd.”
The ADF system aims to reduce mastitis and its spread amongst the herd by automatically spraying the teats while the cups are still on the udder, directly after milking, while the teat canal is still open. After removal every liner is automatically sanitised. Within only 20 seconds from the end of milking, the cluster is ready for the next cow.
The ADF milking system can be installed on any type of dairy shed, either new or existing. To arrange a visit to your farm call ADF on 0800 233 645 or visit for further information.

Image: Jonathan Verkerk in his ADF milking shed.