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ADF Milking system in the news and at exhibitions
Stephen Barr and daughter Laura with the ADF system.

ADF continues to increase herd health

It’s been three years since Stephen and Mary Barr and daughter Laura installed the ADF (automated dipping and flushing) system on their dairy farm near Feilding. Milking 800 cows on the 487ha property they had been looking for a solution that would help eliminate an ongoing and costly problem with mastitis.

They were the first farmers to install ADF in New Zealand and are very happy with how it is performing.

“Three years on and our ADF system continues to perform. We worked out that prior to installing ADF, lost milk and the cost of drugs was costing us about $120,000 a year, not even counting the cows lost to mastitis. We installed ADF and we halved that cost in the first year and halved it again the second year. In the past year we have seen another substantial drop”, says Stephen.

“Mastitis used to be a nightmare but now it’s nothing more than a manageable niggle. We can now cull cows more selectively as we’re not fighting mastitis to the same extent as we were. And as a result, our overall milk production has lifted each year.

Cell counts are currently tracking at 120-140,000. We get paid a premium for counts less than 150,000 and we’ve reached that nearly every time.

I’d recommend ADF to anyone. It’s a great system and it works - ADF does exactly what it says it will.”

The ADF system aims to reduce mastitis and its spread amongst the herd by automatically spraying the teats while the cups are still on the udder, directly after milking, while the teat canal is still open. After removal every liner is automatically sanitised. Within only 20 seconds from the end of milking, the cluster is ready for the next cow.

The ADF milking system can be installed on any type of dairy shed, either new or existing. To arrange a visit to your farm call ADF on 0800 233 645 or visit for further information.

Image: Stephen Barr and daughter Laura with the ADF system.