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ADF Milking system in the news and at exhibitions

ADF Arrives in Spain

As hundreds of thousands of Brits head to Spain on holiday the team at ADF have also been packing their bags, but not for a well earned break on the Costas. They’ve been busy installing the first Automated Dipping and Flushing milking system in Spain, at a farm 75 miles to the west of Barcelona.

The dairy farm in Lérida will be the first in Southern Europe to use ADF. Engineers fitted the system in between milking sessions at the 24 point ‘rapid exit’ parlour.  The farm is expecting to see a marked improvement in somatic cell counts amongst its 420 strong herd and increased efficiency in the parlour. 

Support during the five year fixed term contract will be given exclusively, by Diversey España, an ADF approved partner in the region.  Dave Aveyard, Global Agriculture Business Director for Diversey, comments, “This first sale of an ADF system in Spain is a landmark achievement for both ADF and Diversey.  Our joint efforts in both Spain and Portugal are aimed at delivering significant financial and operational benefits for Dairy Farmers.  We are very encouraged by the level of interest and enquiries that we have received for the ADF system and expect to confirm more new orders in the coming weeks”.

The weak pound has made ADF an even more attractive proposition for farmers in the Euro Zone. Exports to Europe from the UK are now increasingly better value. This particular order came from the successful Spanish launch of the system at the FIMA show in Zaragoza, at which ADF was awarded for technical innovation in Animal Production in March.

More than a hundred farmers made serious enquiries during the exhibition, and many will visit the farm in Lérida to see ADF in action.

Word of mouth has been the key marketing tool for ADF since product launch in 2005 and results speak louder than words. Farmers who have installed ADF say they are impressed with the immediate and positive effect it has on herd health, and the reliability of the system - automatically applying teat dip at exactly the right time at every milking, therefore saving labour time in the parlour.

James Duke, Founder and Director of ADF says, “We’re excited to be installing our first system in Spain. We had a great reaction to ADF when we exhibited for the first time at Zaragoza. It shows that whatever language you speak the benefits of ADF are easy to understand. We know that a lot of farmers in Spain are waiting to see ADF in action and we look forward to more orders from Spain in the coming months. We expect big benefits for farms installing ADF in Spain.”