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40 percent funding for the ADF Milking System

£138 million LEADER fund to grow rural economy is now open for applications!

Funding is available to farmers across England to support the future of UK farming, with grants awarded to the top priority of increasing farming productivity and improving animal health and welfare, by investment into modern equipment and technologies such as the new ADF5 automatic dipping and flushing milking system.

Grants of 40% of the project cost are available to farmers to improve the performance, resilience and competiveness of their businesses, with investment into innovative practices and new technologies recognised as the way to make the dairy industry sustainable faced with fluctuating milk prices.

The new ADF5 system is being funded through the programme because it will improve the health of your herd and improve productivity and efficiency in your parlour, saving you time and minimising cost.

The LEADER Programme
The LEADER Programme is part of the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) with a total of £138 million to invest into rural areas to support local business and boost local economy.
The programme gives local communities the power to support projects in their own area; funding and grant allocation is controlled by 80 Local Action Groups covering 85% of rural England, and are made up of members from private businesses (including farming), the public sector and voluntary/community organisations, ensuring funding is being used to fund local responses to identified local needs.

Funding is controlled at the local level, by local people, with local knowledge of the issues affecting the local businesses.

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Do you want 40% funding for ADF5?
To start your application you to need to make contact with your local action group, to find out when you should apply and to understand their own application process – it varies across the country.
To make the process easier, we can point you in the direction of your local group and help you with the application process, email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or contact us using our online enquiry form by clicking the box below.

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If you would like further information on the ADF system or to be pointed in the direction of your local LEADER programme representative please contact us.