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Introducing ADF Contract Hire. Benefit immediately without impacting your other spending priorities.
Everyone should have a clister this advanced and now everyone can

Experience shows that ADF typically costs far less per milking than traditional routines. With the benefit of contract hire you can install an ADF system immediately and start saving money without impacting on your other spending priorities. ADF just got even better.

Benefits of ADF Contract Hire

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No deposit required
Contract hire can be an attractive financing solution
Cash positive from Month 1
The cash savings generated by ADF are usually greater than the contract hire payments
Tax deductible
Subject to your own tax position, contract hire can offer you tax efficiencies
Peace of mind
Contract hire payments include the cost of consumables, service and warranty for the term of the agreement

As our customers often tell us, their only regret was not installing ADF earlier. With contract hire, the decision to upgrade to ADF just got a lot easier.

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