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ADF liners

We recognise that the design of the liner is critical as it is the sole point of contact between your cows and your milking system, that's why our liners have been precision engineered to deliver optimum milking performance whilst maintaining the udder health of your cows.

Perfect fit - We offer a range of five liners which have been designed to be sympathetic to your cows' teats, delivering a gentler closing mechanism and massage on the teat. An improved grip means fewer slips, squeals and squawks for a quick and complete milking.

Gentle take-off - ADF's use of compressed air to deliver dip onto the teat at the end of milking also breaks any residual vacuum in the head of the liner, ensuring a much smoother and gentler take-off, and reducing cow stress.

Innovative design - Whilst the individual cups are attached the vacuum shut off is complete across remaining liners which means that pressure remains stable, in the cluster and throughout your parlour. In this position the cluster is narrower so there is improved access for easier attachment.

A typical liner open and closes approximately 500 times per milking. Over time liners may begin to degrade due to mechanical stress and through use of teat dip therefore we advise changing them at the end of their recommended working life.